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Vanilla Bean House

About our vanilla beans...

Vanilla Bean House prioritises quality without compromise at competitive prices.
The superior quality of vanilla beans sourced by Vanilla Bean House is a result of meticulous cultivation and harvesting practices. Here are some additional points that highlight the exceptional quality of these vanilla beans: Optimal Growing Conditions: Vanilla beans thrive in the tropical climate of remote jungles, where the combination of sunlight, humidity, and soil conditions create an ideal environment for the orchids to flourish. This, in turn, enhances the development of high-quality vanilla beans. Hand-Pollination: Vanilla orchids typically require hand-pollination to ensure consistent and reliable bean production. By employing traditional hand-pollination techniques, vanilla bean farmers can control the pollination process, leading to a higher yield of premium-quality beans. Slow and Natural Curing Process: The curing process is crucial for developing the distinct flavors and aromas of vanilla beans. Vanilla Bean House takes pride in ensuring a slow and natural curing process, allowing the beans to mature gradually. This patient approach enhances the complexity of the flavor profile and ensures that the beans are full of rich, aromatic compounds. Selective Harvesting: Our vanilla bean farmers adopt a selective harvesting approach, only picking beans at the peak of maturity. This ensures that each vanilla bean is packed with the maximum concentration of natural flavors, resulting in a product of exceptional quality. Commitment to Sustainability: The sustainable practices followed by Vanilla Bean House contribute not only to the well-being of local communities but also to the long-term health of the environment. By prioritizing ethical and eco-friendly methods, the company helps preserve the delicate ecosystems where the vanilla orchids thrive. Stringent Quality Control: Vanilla Bean House implements rigorous quality control measures at every stage of the production process. This includes thorough inspections of the beans for size, plumpness, and overall visual appeal, ensuring that only the finest vanilla beans reach the market. By combining these factors, Vanilla Bean House delivers vanilla beans of the highest quality, characterized by their unique flavor profile, aromatic richness, and the presence of caviar-like seeds, making them a sought-after choice for chefs, culinary enthusiasts, and anyone appreciative of premium vanilla products.
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Unlock the potential for incredible creations with our fresh, real vanilla beans.

Customer reviews

Literally the best vanilla!
Ammara - DreamCream
"Just a note that I started using your product last week. I asked my customers for their honest feedback on the flavour. They all love it!! They said the vanilla was more present. Plus my son, who would only ever eat the icing of my cookies now eat the cookies as well. I am so happy that I stumbled across your page xx"
Sweet Art Cookies & Cakes
"Thankyou! I absolutely love your product, it's just simply the best."
Make or Bake Co

Which type of vanilla to choose?

We offer both Tahitensis & Planifolia "bourbon" vanilla beans.
Vanilla is one of the most complex spices around, boasting at least 250 different flavour and aroma compounds that contribute to the flavour profile. The main differences between Vanilla planifolia and Vanilla tahitensis, two primary species of vanilla beans, lie in their flavor profiles and appearance. Flavor Profile: Vanilla Planifolia: This is the most common and widely used variety, often referred to as "Bourbon vanilla." (Note: the “Bourbon” in Bourbon Vanilla has nothing to do with Bourbon whisky. Rather, Bourbon is a nod to French Colonial times and refers to vanilla that was orginally grown around the Indian Ocean.) It has a classic, rich, and creamy flavour with hints of caramel, chocolate, and buttery notes. With sweet and aromatic undertones, the flavour is well-balanced and is what most people associate with vanilla. Vanilla Tahitensis: Also known as Tahitian vanilla, it has a unique and distinct flavor profile. Tahitensis beans are characterized by floral, fruity, and cherry-like notes. The flavor is often described as more delicate and floral and more fragrant compared to Planifolia. Appearance: Vanilla Planifolia: Typically longer and plumper than Tahitensis beans, Planifolia beans have a dark brown color with a high concentration of natural vanillin. Vanilla Tahitensis: Smaller and thinner than Planifolia beans, Tahitensis beans have a lighter brown color and may appear more oily on the surface. When choosing between the two, it often comes down to personal preference and the specific flavor profile you desire. Whether you choose the classic richness of Vanilla planifolia or the exotic elegance of Vanilla tahitensis, both varieties promise to elevate your culinary creations with premium, high-quality vanilla goodness.
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